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Xmas celebration with UISORT

Virtual Christmas party: Christmas will surely look a lot different this year, but that’s no reason to cancel the festivities. Whether you’re avoiding traveling this season or doing your part to social distance, virtual Christmas parties are the perfect way to stay connected while apart.

No more worrying about bad weather or who’s going to drive home. All you need to do is plan your Christmas look from the midriff up. From family-friendly activities to Friends mas, read ahead for our best virtual Christmas party ideas for any age and the Christmas invitations to match.

How do you throw a virtual Christmas party?

Virtual Christmas parties should require the same amount of planning as in-person holidays. Taking the time to incorporate special details and plan activities will go a long way to make your party one to remember. (Even if your guests would rather forget 2020.)

Share your virtual link

Once you’ve picked out your invitations on Paperless Post, then you can easily add a Zoom link to any design. Select “virtual location” to share all the details.

Make it feel special

Just like virtual office holiday parties should feel more special than a typical meeting, you can (and should!) make your virtual Christmas party feel just as festive as an in-person bash.

How to make virtual Christmas party fun?

By now, most people are no stranger to the online party. They might even be invited respective this holiday season. To avoid Zoom tiredness and make your invite stand out from the crowd, make sure your party has virtual Christmas party imperative.

A strong theme

Any Christmas party feels more special and intentional with a name. Think “Snowballs and Highballs” for cocktail parties. “Quaran-team Dinner” for virtual potlucks or “Dreaming of a Wine Christmas” for a virtual wine cheese testing.

Backgrounds to match

Use your theme to set joyous Zoom backgrounds. Think falling snow, scenes from your favorite Christmas movie, or the North Pole.

An activity

Let guests know what they’ll be doing and how they should prepare. Even if you’re entertainer a virtual Christmas happy hour, find creative ways to get guests to participate. Have guests craft their own cocktail before the party or pick out Christmas-themed beers to sample.

A gift or party favor

Sending supplies to your virtual guests in advance is an easy way to get everyone delighted for the party, and can help make you feel closer, even when apart. For virtual ugly Christmas sweater parties, send a tacky cup or wine glass. For cocktail parties, send seasonal mixers or bitters. If you’re entertainer a class or workshop, send the basic supplies everyone will need.

A dress code

Outfit can help keep things fun and light. Give everyone a reason to dress up, whether it’s ugly Christmas sweaters or winter furs and dramatic velvet.

Virtual Christmas party ideas for your friends

For small group, go all out with an excessive workshop or over-the-meals.

Christmas carry-out

Consider getting food delivered from a fancier place that what you’d typically order on a weeknight. Have everyone order from the same restaurant if you’re in the same delivery zone. Or collect your favorite spots to give the group an honest review.

Virtual wreath-making party

Tune into a virtual class with a pro, or lead your own with the help of YouTube. Before the party, send guests a list of materials they’ll need, or mail them a DIY wreath kit from online.

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