Chat-bots Are Redefining the Customer Engagement and Service

Chatbots Are Redefining the Customer Engagement and Service

Chat-bots: A chatbot is a machine that can have a communication with a human via voice or text. In fact, many of us already having a communication with bots this day. We as a user send some request and the bot virtually help us by identifying our request. They support us in retrieving the information. A chatbot is a service powered by rules, and AI, that we interact with via a chat interface.

Why chatbot?

In a stage of the internet, there is too much information available online so it is very arduous to find the relevant data. In the past, if we had to get some information, we used to call to call center. At the back end, the Telecaller used to refer Google or visiting the website to reply our query. Now the generation has changed, people they do not want to call to call center, they want to use some new technologies (Artificial Intelligence) to get the information. Now a machine can talk to a human, can recognize the face of people.


This AI has given the edge to the business by using this technology a business can communicate with the consumers and give the relevant information to them. Some people still prefer to call a call center to get the information, but the new generation very smart. They want to use a smartphone for the smart purpose. So we have to look the solution for this preference changes. The AI is able to do a job that is not currently done by human.

The main two reasons for chatbot

Just Too Much Information Online

If we have to search information then we have to go to the several data warehouse to get the information which is very time-consuming, so we search the information on Google and in return, we get a junk, unwanted and unrealistic information.

As it be erect today, most of the expend a lot of time looking for things to find a medical diagnosis online, searching for vacation spots, or searching for restaurants, or searching salon…we all waste a lot of time on Google to get inappropriate information.

In future, we no need to waste our invaluable time to get inappropriate information, thanks to chatbots, In fact, in almost every industry there is an analogous case to make things more efficient by providing chatbot technology that can get us to our answer more quickly. To overcome these a new technology emerge which is AI.

An artificial intelligence can understand what a consumer wants and get the required information for users? An AI is a machine language which can recognize the voice and face of a human. This is used in chatbot.

Scaling Engagement

The advantage of chatbot is to fetch the consumer engaged in conversation. Through chatbot, a more customized information can be sent to the consumers. As email click-rate has been steadily declining. Although open rates seem to be increasing – largely driven by mobile – the actual engagement from email is diving.

Not only that, but it’s becoming more and more arduous to even reach someone’s email inbox Google’s move to disengage out promotional emails into their ‘promotions’ tab and increasing problems of email deliver-ability have been top reasons behind this. In such seen the chatbot is the best tool to reach the consumers.

Benefits of chatbot

  1. We can use input from users to dynamically segment them into groups and serve different content to them.
  2. Click-through rates and general engagement is very high at this stage. It is very high in compare with any other source of consumer interaction because the communication is 1:1 and we are not competing with others in the newsfeed.
  3. As soon as someone engages with the chatbot, we have the ability to push messages to them.

Unfolding future of chatbot

Chatbots will advance very quickly

Integrating chatbot with new technology will be able to fabricate distance between competitors as the technology drives. To make a chatbot’s dialogue to become more informed and conversational a business can use AI, leveraging massive data sets, will quickly allow a chatbot’s dialogue to become more informed and conversational.

Deploying of chatbots will give advantage over competitors in term of strong connection with new generation

Chatbots fabricate strong relationship with consumers and make it easier for them to do the things they’re already doing during the buying process. Marketers most get up to speed on this technology quickly or risk losing market share. Cahtbots can and must be used to deepen relationships with the new generation that is the most crucial to engage yet has the most spending power of new generation.

Commercial evaluation of a chatbot

Adding commercial capabilities to a chatbot is very new, but it represents perhaps the most significant development. To buy something, the consumers who used mobile no longer have to navigate the site on a mobile device or install the app. alternatively they would prefer to complete a transaction as they are interacting with a chatbot.

A business necessary not restrict the chatbot only for the interaction to the consumer. We need to integrate the payment gateway with the chatbot so the consumer can do the transaction.

Conclusion: Bots Are Very Cool And Helpful

The bottom line is a computer is a machine it can’t replace the human supremacy of reasoning but it will become smarter with more human interaction. I believe bots will help us with a role that no one is doing right now, so it doesn’t take jobs away from people, and it adds a lot of value to society overall. With machine learning, chatbots development can better understand consumer internet.

A chatbot can search a very large database of information and identify what a consumer wants which is very arduous in the case of human. Uisort Technologies is a Web and Mobile app development company, and also provide a chatbots development services.

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