List of top 10 web design companies in Singapore

top 10 web design companies

Top 10 web design companies : Robust backend architecture and striking visual website will make your website a powerful business tool capable of increasing your revenues. Establishing your presence technique online is a tall task and requires professional assistance. While achieving top positions in search engine result page is must for any online enterprise, and improving usability should also be one of the top priorities.

When the high-profile web design studios focus on combining visual design with excellent usability. Only experienced specialist are capable of creating websites that retains customers and convince them to buy more products by the online. If you are interested in creating a website for online business that will attract people from Singapore, you need to work with a web development company that knows how to appeal to locals and create designs subtly incorporating elements of Asian culture.

How to find the best web design company in Singapore

The huge majority of accomplished companies in the market are quite good at designing most attractive websites that will impress your customers. However, you need to look for web Design Company that has experience and offers a wide diversity of complementary services. Here’s what you should be looking for:

Great website design: A web design company have a most beautiful looking website featuring an instinctive interface convention create something outstanding for you! 

Complementary services: to get your online business going, and you will need more attractive fancy looking website. Look for web design companies that can also provide marketing, SEO, content and consulting management services.

If you have value quality above price, search for a web design company that has a robust portfolio and multiple corporate clients.

The 10 best Singapore web design companies

Here are multiple well-known companies in the industry. Hiring any web design company from our list is a very good idea if you are looking for a reliable contractor capable of creating an excellent website for your online business.

1.Digital M Pte Ltd

Digital M pte Ltd was started in 2019. Its origin from in Singaporean. Digital M offers a broad spectrum of services including web development, SEO, SMM, online marketing, and many others. All over its long history, the digital m company worked with such brands as Grind Coffee Co, Rise, Gtriip Global, and more. The digital m is a wise choice for versatile contractor. We are strong in SEO web design and development at digital m.

Total revenue: Over $1 million

Fulltime employees: 0-50

Client retention rate: 96%

2.Smart Hosting and Design Services

This is a relatively small web design company was started in 2004 by a local entrepreneur. This company provide a wide of multiple services including web development, hosting, and online marketing assistance. One of the best offers of this company is creative web design. SH & DS worked with AltaVista, DMOZ, and Debonair Male.

Total revenue: $3 – $5 million

Fulltime employees: 20

Client retention rate: 85%

3.Aiden Creative Pte Ltd

Aiden creative was started in 2010. For over the past 10 years, the aiden creative company has been one of the best in the market. Some of the famous clients of this company is NTUC Club, Fashion Now, and Maybank. Aiden creative company can create a most attractive website design that will work on all mobile devices just as well as it does in a browser on a personal computer.

Total revenue: under $1 million

Fulltime employees: less than 10

Client retention rate: 93%

4.Notion Age Pte Ltd

Notion age was started in 2001, and it’s one of the greatest web development companies in Singapore. This company working for big names like Microsoft Singapore, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba. The main focus of this company is web design and nothing else.

Total revenue: $1 – $3

Fulltime employees: -20

Client retention rate: 90%

5.Verz Design

This company was founded in 2006. The verz design clients are Giant Corp, Singtel, and SIA Engineering Company. You can check out the verz design company design skills by visiting their official website that was completely redesigned at the beginning of 2019.

Total revenue: $3 – $5 million

Fulltime employees: -75

Client retention rate: 90%

6.Novage communications Pte Ltd

Novage call themselves a boutique. The novage company website looks contemporary and slick. However, you shouldn’t focus your attention only on fancy visuals. This company offers multiple services like marketing consultations and specialty of web development and mobile app development.

Total revenue: Over $1 million

Fulltime employees: 0-50

Client retention rate: 98%

7.MediaOne Business Group

The mediaone business group is one of the most successful web design studios on the markets. MediaOne’s enjoying work with over 700 clients, and this company offers SEO, content management, marketing tips, and social media marketing.

Total revenue: $5 million – $10 million

Fulltime employees: 1-50

Client retention rate: 92%

8.Stylez pte Ltd

Stylez is another native web design company and it was founded in 2008 from Singapore. This company primary focus on web design and these not look like the best choice for businesses that need a holistic services.

Total revenue: $1 – $3 million

Fulltime employees: -20

Client retention rate: 90%

9.Wishbone Digital Group

This company was founded in 1997 and its one of the oldest IT companies in Singapore. The history of wishbone digital group spans across three decades and features such famous clients as Supernova and National Geographic Channel.

Total revenue: $1 – $3 million

Fulltime employees: -20

Client retention rate: 87%


Exult studio provides the services globally and it based in Florida. They worked with NBC and OCBS. This Exults has over 14 years of experience and creates outstanding websites for your business. Exults offers a wide multiple of complementary services like branding, SEO optimization, and mobile app development.

Total revenue: $3 – $5 million

Full time employees: 35 Client retention rate: 92%

UiSort Technologies is a leading Web and Mobile Application Development Company and it’s founded in 2014. UiSort specialized software services in the fields of custom web development, offshore product development and mobile apps development. Please contact us if you need any support.

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