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Web Application Development : Applications in modern technology blessing and web application development software are best way through which this reaches simple. Easy and efficient, web apps allows to get a lot of things done in short time. Website app platform are more popularity in terms of their usage, functionalities. Initially launched in 2005, web application development evolved over time has adopted multiple trends and technology concept to improve in functionality and features.

What is web application development?

Web application development the process of build a web app run on web server (server side programming) and interact with browser(client side programming).

Web application development process involved with build using web application. It’s more focused on interactive and can be accessed from browser used any electronic device like smartphones, laptops, tablets than standard engineering process.

Features of web apps:

  1. Require browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.
  2. Need an internet connection.
  3. Does not need a separate download.
  4. No space requirement the device.
  5. Updated without sending notification to user.
  6. Simple backup.
  7. Development in low cost.

Examples of Web Application Development:

1. Mailchip

Mailchimp marketing automation platform specializing email marketing. This is a highly complex web application with best platform and easy to use.

2. Google Docs

Its web application and al so available on mobile application. It’s great for creating, reading, updating and deleting documents.


Notion is all in one, taking note and collaboration web application with support. It’s very fast and staple of small business.

4. Airtable

Airtable as the Online Excel. Its same as to Excel UI but add additional layers. It more powerful database solution for business.

5. Xero

Accountancy web application. Focus on data, Xero how web application can deal with computations and present user easy interface.

6. Saleforce

Number one saas product from revenue perspective. It is web application with more facets including reports, dashboards, and tables.

Web Application Development Process

Multiple process involved in building web application apps. The various steps involved with the web development application process.

1. Define the problem and you are solving

Define the problem is the commentate. North starts and provides direction. Your solution from your problem.

2. Plan workflow of your web application

You know your solution, map out workflow and how it will work. Then what need to happen your web application for solve it.

3.  Prototype or Wireframe your web application

Transform workflow to prototype. Your wireframe is easy tool for communicate your solution to target user.

4. Receive Validation

Present your wireframe to users of your new web app applications. Record feedback and iterate the design until you, your users happy.

5. Select your firepower

Use different tools or platforms or frameworks to create you web application. It’s so important to select the tool is first.

6.  Create your web application

  1. Database

Find what data you need to store your database also data types. Then create a data base.

  1. Frontend

Create frontend backend same time. It wills loosely your wireframe you validated earlier. It consists of HTML, CSS, and JS.

  1. Backend

It’s one of the toughest parts of web application technology process. To provide HTTP end point for frontend. Authorization and to serve the frontend.

7. Test web application

Its ongoing process and happens during and after build. Automatic or do it manually. 

During the test you must to cover the usability, compatibility, and functionality last one is performance testing.

8. Host and deploy your web application development

Involves the running your web application on server. You must need to buy domain and cloud hosting provider. Get your web application from local machine to your cloud provider and deploy it.

How To Handle Client Side Web Application

Enhance the client side web app, you need to be JavaScript. It will be offer the several way to enhance your user interaction with your website.

Your web app responsive because you will looking various users you will be using multiple devices and achieve the perfection.

How To Handle Server Side Web Application

To start creating server side your web application platform, You must identify the which language and framework suit your purpose.

Talking about functionalities and features nee to offer your server side like communicating with database, performing activities based on user input, communication between server site and client side, saving, data retrieving, authentication and more.


Web application is proper amalgamation of great UI/UX, frontend frameworks and backend languages. Web application offers the best worlds, simple to use software for user and also server.

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