Are Full Stack Developers the Best Choice for MVP Development

Are Full Stack Developers the Best Choice for MVP Development

MVP Development: Constructing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is one of the most crucial stages for startup companies, as they introduce their products since the MVP servers as a reference for the actual product with complete functionalities. Most, of the startup companies, begin with constructing the MVP and then extend it to construct the actual full-fledged product.

However, in case of most startups, constructing the MVP is one of greatest challenges. This is due to the lack of sufficient fund and resources. The major question and point of dilemma revolve around, professionals in which technology should be apt to hire, in order to construct a successful MVP.

Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is a professional who expertise in back end development, front end development as well as Database. This professional will take care of your project from the designing phase, and will take possession, until deployment.

The full stack development consists of the following:

  1. Frontend layer

This is the frontend or the application where the full stack developer will design the user connection and develop it. Hence, the skills that you should look for in the full stack developer you hire, includes HTML, Javascript, CSS, who is well in the know in Javascript frameworks along with having preceding experience of working in Angular.js, React.js.

  • Backend layer

The full stack developer necessary to use a server-side programming language in order to code the business logic, that assistance the front-end. Hence, the full stack developers necessary to be well in the know in Python with Django, Node.js, Ruby on Rails. This expertness will ensure that the full-stack developer will be able to construct the MVP as well as upgrade it to the actual product.

  • Database layer

The database also forms a part of the backend. The full stack developer should have the expertness and experience in MySQL, MongoDB, and other latest database languages.

Finding the right developers

Once you have a clear impression of the business requirements of the product and the MVP. That you aspire to construct, look for the developer having the relevant expertness and experience. This will mentor you to find the right person capable of constructing the MVP.

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Advantages of Hiring a Full Stack Developer for Constructing the MVP

Multi-dimensional advantages are obtained by hiring a full stack developer for constructing the MVP, which are as follow:

  1. Easy to switch

Full stack developer can simply switch between the front and backend, as required and the MVP can simply be upgraded by the developer, to work as a complete product, with all its functionalities.

  • Easy to maintain

Full stack developers necessary to keep themselves updated in the new technology, in the front end, backend as well as a database. Hence, maintaining the MVP and upgrading it to the next level, with incorporation of the new technology gets easier.

  • Faster deployment to market

The MVP, construct be the full stack developer, gets released to the market faster, as any member in a team of full-stack developers, can take up any task and complete them, even in the absenteeism of other, as they all are expertness in frontend, backend, and database.

  • Cost saving

Engaging a full-stack developer is cost saving. This is because, a full stack development can simply replace three developers one for each of front end, backend and database development. This is in reality of cost saving as for a start-up company, constructing the MVP, the budget is a major restraint.

  • Time-saving

Since a full stack developer takes care of backend, frontend and database, hence he himself can plan it, without existence dependent on any other developer, to complete his part of work. Thus, engaging a full-stack developer for constructing the MVP is time effective.

A full stack developer is absolutely an easy and readymade solution for MVP development, as it serves the purpose, along with being time and cost-effective. For your MVP product development, you can prefer full-stack developers who agree to work on your terms.

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