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Ecommerce Software : Nowadays internet is the contemporary scene is replicating everything from the offline market to the online market. Of course, with increase of the online marketing needs, there are many online business models for providing better services and gaining maximum profits. From services, products, food delivery, and rentals, to on-demand beauticians, there is nothing that ecommerce can’t offer today. 

What is the marketplace?

The marketplace is an online platform that enables a customer of a service or product to find, select and pay for it online, at the same time enabling multiple vendors to create their storefront and fill it with items to sell / rent.

Hey, entrepreneur! Are you looking for the best online business idea for your new pursuit?

Well, there are many online business opportunities spread across the world, from which you could select a multi vendor ecommerce business. Probably you would have come across the online ecommerce business marketplace so far, like Alibaba, Amazon, etc. multi vendor ecommerce software acts as a platform for millions of people across the world by letting them buy / sell a products or services in just few taps.

In an on-demand ecommerce marketplace that built on trust and reliability. The ecommerce marketplace software is user-friendly interface and convenience of the app are the critical aspects of the success.

The multi vendor ecommerce app are used from mobile phones, hence helping the customers gain a better digital experience. By launching your own brand app, we are sure that you could win over many people’s hearts and to engage in your marketplace in selling and buying the products.

Multi vendor ecommerce software

Create your successful multi vendor ecommerce software by integrating multiple sellers on the online platform. Our customized ecommerce marketplace software connects both sellers and buyers on the platform seamlessly. In the admin dashboard, the admin can manage all the operations in real-time. The merchant panel is user-friendly for sellers makes the relaxed process of adding the products to the platform.   


How does our ecommerce marketplace software works?

  • Multi vendor ecommerce website act as a platform for both sellers and buyers to sell and buy products without any hassle.
  • Buyers can search the wanted products through the list of several product categories, and sub categories and customer can save the ones that like and can share the products on social media platforms.
  • On the other hand sellers can add the product description and a picture, video clip of the product as they wish to sell on the online platform.
  • The selling products are posted under the similar categories like popular, new, on-sale products are the shop option for the customer clarification about the product. 
  • The customers can follow the store/seller/user. This is easy way to know about the trending and latest products through our readymade ecommerce marketplace software. These details are will show the activity option as a notification and so the customer can track their favorite stores & users.
  • The payment can done online and default payment gateway is PayPal payment, so the customers can buy their products through this payment gateway without any hassles.

Revenue model

Merchant free

The merchant can used to sell their products in our ecommerce software. When the buyer place their order for their product and online money transaction successfully, the admin will receive the amount and deduced the commission fees, then the amount transferred to the merchant.

Service free

Admin can set the particular amount of commission fess from the buyer in percentage-wise while buying products. When the users placed order successfully, the admin can deduced commission fees will automatically.    

Free installation

Multivendor ecommerce app can seamlessly installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete ecommerce software.

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