Essential phases in web application development process

web application development process

Web Application Development : A web application is an application that run on remote internet servers and is attainable to any device that is connected to a network that has access to that server. As they are installed on a particular device, this is unlike most applications, and run on that device’s operating system (OS). The web application are only accessible from the internet because they look like web pages.

In reality, modern-day smartphone or desktop have as much functionality as one might expect in installed an actual application. In fact, the difference between dynamic web application and web pages is mostly based on its functional capacity. What is web application and how goes through common phases in the web application development process these are explained this article.

Eight essential phases in web application development

How complicated web applications have become, considering the development process of such applications no wonder is difficult to grasp. The web application development is complicated and has many phases associated with it. Each of web application Development Company may go through with it in a slightly different way, but each and every phase of steps is more important and can’t be skipped any step.

Defining the goals

This is first and most important phases in the development process. Basically, the business approaches the software development team with a goal in mind. This goal is then polished so that everyone can understand because that is clear and enough. Which may alter the goals in subtle ways the developers may also suggest things to the business. Only when the goals are accurately defined the process moves on further step.

Understanding the target audience

This is the next important step in the web application development process. This is important both in terms of the customer experience perspective and business perspective. The following details are used to analyze and understand the target audience     

  • The gender, age and capacity of the audience to be engaged enough with the web application is noted
  • One of the most important factors is the capacity of the target audience to access the internet that come into reach focus. The average BW, the most used user technology and all such matters are noted.
  • Depending on the type of audience and type of application the security features are also decided. The branches is also investigated and risk from the audience for fraud and other types of security.
  • To constantly improve the application, this process is repeated again and again during and even after application development and deployment.

Creating a details report about features to be included

The web application included to a functional specification document is a detailed report of features. In the web application development process the documents are very significant, that can occur during upcoming phases of development as it eliminates any sort of confusion. Such a report lists all the technical details and functionality of the web application is not updated once it finalized.

Identifying and careful selection of third-party vendors

The development process is often carried out when outsourced efficiently and a web application is difficult to develop. Increasing the cost effectiveness of the development process. Many third-party developers are analyzed, selected and identified carefully. Many third-party vendors that are looked into when making web application.

  • SSL certificate providers
  • Payment gateways
  • Software development companies
  • Server providers
  • Fulfilment centers
  • Firewall, network and load balancing equipment

Structure and timeframe of the project, selecting the technology

This phase is used to the web application is decided after careful observation of the features and where software developers select the architecture, technology and timeline. The developers and the business discuss together and may come to the conclusion after subtle changes.

Actual development process

The actual development of the web application starts after all the above phases. The developers work with great determination to complete web application within the selected time frame using the selected technologies in this phases. Every database, external library and module is fit within the app in this process. If all the requirements of the feature report or the functional specification document are satisfied, the web application development is only said to be complete.


The testing of the web application begins after the intensive application development process. Quality assistance (QA) or testing involves finding the bugs in different parts of the application and notifying the development team in order for them to get fixed. Many forms of testing processes are load testing, usability testing, performance testing and stress testing.


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