Serverless Architecture Cloud-Based Product Best Development Company in India

Serverless Architecture Cloud-Based Product Best Development Company in India

Serverless Architecture: Uisort Technologies Pvt Ltd is the one of the web and mobile app development companies in Trichy, TamilNadu, India offering serverless architecture cloud-based product development solutions.

What is the serverless architecture?

In simple words, Serverless architecture is one of the latest concept to make services and applications without the reliability and responsibility of managing the servers and infrastructure. This applications run on the server, yet the setup, scaling, maintenance is done by the serverless architecture cloud service provider.

This provides a major advantage to the developers, as they can fully focus your attention on the development of the app, rather than concentrating with the infrastructure, storage system, database maintenance, and server setup.

Advantages of serverless Architecture  

Serverless Architecture

More flexibility

Serverless architecture provide more flexibility to the application or service developers since it accept development in small modules such that each component could be reused for many projects. Likewise, companies often choose the launch the same product of different sets of targeted consumers, where some features necessity to be changed and modified as per the targeted consumers.

Serverless architecture facilitates these flexibilities, thus helping the application or product development company in offering better products for an array of consumers.

Higher stability

Being developed as separate modules help the application or product to be stable, then when developed as a bunch of services. This is simply because the full bunch of services is likely to crash when one of them crashes. Thus, serverless architecture helps with improve product stability when developed as separate modules.


One of the huge benefits that serverless architecture offers is cost-effectiveness. The service providers offer to pay as use schemes, which allow the companies to pay for the time they use the server and not the time they reserve the server. This helps is reducing the cost.

Likewise, the maintenance and infrastructure setup cost are also removed, as with serverless architecture, the server maintenance is taken care of by the cloud service provider.

Better management

Serverless architecture make easy better management of the product being developed, including activities such as testing, better project overview, better estimation, effective use of time and resources. The better project overview is simplified since the use of serverless architecture accept developing services as separate components thus helping the developers in understanding how each components works and interacts with each other.

Testing becomes peaceful since multiple single unit components are developed and each can be tested independently, without involving other functionalities.

While the application is being developed, multiple development environments are necessary for which the company has to pay, when using the traditional method of development. However, in case of the use of serverless architecture, multiple environments can be used without disturbing about the cost.

What do we offer with serverless architecture product development?

Uisort Technologies Pvt Ltd are one of the early take up of this amazing concept and have been successful in delivering infallible severless applications to numerous clients all over the world. We use this concept by developing AWS Lambda, which is the serverless computing offered by Amazon.

Adopting this has helped us remove administrative overhead, along with manage peaks of loads without fail. This is also most cost-effective and time saving way of horizontally scaling up the apps, thus creating Uisort Technologies Pvt Ltd one of the robust serverless architecture product development companies in India.

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