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Uisort is the most trusted serverless app development company in India. We have dedicated team of developers who have been developing and deploying apps for multiple cloud platforms using API gateway with Azure or AWS Lambda function deployment strategies that are cost-effective and easy to scale upon demand.

We provide serverless consulting and development services for you that will enable you with world-class technology to build secure, stable and reliable solutions. We have well-experienced developers for building unique, robust and scalable mobile apps using serverless architecture services.

Uisort provides a serverless architecture service using the latest programming languages and incredible technology. While processing and managing data digitalization and migration using serverless infrastructure to a cloud system usually involves risk.

Our developers provide different serverless web development services, from serverless architecture integration to serverless storage management. Serverless is a revolutionary movement in the technology industry, which offers backend services on an as-used basis.

The word serverless represents it does not imply that apps run without servers. Just that, the app elements are distributed amongst different servers. The entrepreneur does not have to buy, provision or manage the servers and the cloud partner works the infrastructure side of things for the app instead.

Businesses don't require to worry about maintaining databases and can fully focus on the other business objectives!

FAQ For Serverless Development Company

What is serverless application development?
Serverless application development came into existence after launching Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda in the year 2014. the process of serverless app development normally involve developing and executing next-gen apps without any requirement of managing infrastructure.
What are the serverless app development services you provide?
As the best serverless app development company in India. We offer several serverless app development services which includes serverless storage management, serverless code customization, serverless architecture integration, SaaS development, auto scaling development, serverless API gateway and so on.
When should I use serverless apps?
Although there are more advantages of using the serverless architecture for app development, there are specific types of apps it opt for the best:
If apps require an unpredictable amount of server loads.
If the apps involve chatbots, incoming data streams, or business logic, various scheduled tasks.
If there are a limited number of functions that required to be hosted.
If the apps are rapidly changing that required to be scaled to accommodate those changes.
How quickly can you start the process?
Are you looking the best serverless app development service provider in India? Please connect our team to discuss your business idea or project. Share your needs for us to develop a full understanding of the needs and do the analyses. Based on your needs, details shared, we can start the screening process. If you have any particular deadline, let us know, and we will ensure to meet them and get your product ready in due
How does it cost of serverless app development?
The cost of serverless app development varies depending on multiple factors like the features and functionalities, scope of the project, API requests, CPU & RAM, storage and networking, etc.
What are the advantages of AWS Lambda?
A few of the advantages of AWS Lambda are, Automatic scaling Low operational costs Ideal to handle peak loads Operating and managing serverless websites No admin overhead Data filtering and transformation Integrated security model Easier operational management Building backups and report generation.
What is Amazon Serverless Platform?
It is a set of fully managed services that you can use to create and run serverless apps. Amazon Serverless Platform includes many AWS services for storage, compute and database needs. It also include developer, analytics and orchestration tools.
What are the benefit of AWS serverless app architecture?
AWS serverless app architecture is the secure and flexible cloud computing environment offering reliability and great experience. Automated data processing No operation cost Reduce app latency No server management Scalable app architecture Improved implementation flexibility.

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