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QA & Software Testing Services Company in India

Uisort is most trusted QA and software testing service provider in India. Our goal is to help our clients make sure the overall quality of their products and services. We have highly experienced QA & software engineers who has expertise and knowledge to identify issues and fix defects before a product is released to the industry.

We provide top-notch QA & software testing service to save your costs while enhancing speed, security and quality and customer experience. We provide a broad range of human and automated testing services that adhere to standard quality assurance for best practices and processes while keeping clients specific needs in mind.

Our dedicated team of QA engineers provide high-quality QA testing to make sure that our software services are trustworthy, robust and scalable. Our functional testing service verify that each of your software apps functions operate in conformance with their behavioral need specifications, to make sure behavioral adherence and quality.

Uisort has QA experts who have been make sure efficient performance and quality project implementation for the global largest businesses for over a decade, helping in the delivery of reliable software on time, using the latest methods and technologies. Our competent QA engineers has forward-thinking and inventive strategy to removes errors, reduces defects and improves overall cycle time.

Software Testing Service Company

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Uisort delivers the high-quality QA and
software testing services that keep your application running smoothly and bugs-free.

Using Tools And Technology For
Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Uisort use the indutry best tools and software sets to test
your web and mobile apps.

Tools Technology
Manual Tools Test Rail, OWASP, Postman, Jira, Test a, W3sf, BURPSUITE
Automated tools JS, Swift, MongoDB, TestNG, Java, JSON, Spring boot, Appium, Apache
Web platform Katalon Test studio, Selenium, Nightwatch.js
Mobile Katalon test studio, Appium
API Testing Postman, Rest assured

Flow Of Our Software Testing Service

Uisort is a leading custom software development agency. We offer cutting-edge solutions with time-tested experience in cloud, IoT, AI, AR/VR and blockchain.

  • Internet of things
  • Test analysis
  • Test planning
  • Test design
  • Test execution
  • Test result analysis
  • Reporting & closure activities

Platform Of Our Software Quality Assurance
& Testing Services

We provide a testing services for any platforms like web, desktop and mobile apps.
Our engineers make sure to deliver the best quality service and provides high users satisfactions.


Uisort provides testing services for web platforms right from SaaS to a cloud-based solution. We provide testing for various types of web application products. We offer a few of web based testing are security testing etc.


We have experienced desktop tester who entirely test the complete architecture of the software product. We provide a few of the desktop software testings are backend testing, functionality testing, compatibility testing, etc.


Our tester check the usability, security, quality and compatibility solution for the mobile platforms. We provide a few of mobile tests are load testing, performance testing, security testing, mobile device testing, compatible testing, etc.

Industries Wise QA Testing Services

Various Industries Wise Our QA And Software Testing Service

Uisort creates comprehensive testing processes and practices targeted to your business objective, based on our experience in different industries.

  • Education
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce
  • Logistics
  • Real estate
  • Oil & gas

FAQ For Software Testing Service

What is software testing?
Software testing is a element of technical QA processes. It involves testing the software to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do. During the process, tester validate this by comparing how the different parts of the software including input, outputs and user interfaces, work to the business needs.
What is quality assurance?
Quality assurance or QA is literally the assurance of quality of a product or service. In the software development space, QA make sure that software and the manner of developing it fulfills business and user needs as well as any relevant technical or compliance standards.
How do you provide QA testing service?
As a leading QA service provider, uisort provides QA and software testing in a customized approach depending on projects. We work with businesses and other clients to understand their requirements for every app or software create so we can offer exactly the right level of service, including needed QA testing.
What are benefits of software testing?
Here we list out the number of benefits for software testing. Aligning the technical product with business needs. Software testing make sure the final product aligns with the needs of the client or business. \nSoftware testing make sure all items work properly. That includes buttons and other interactive functions, import and export, data entry, visual rendering and any other aspect of the product. \nLocation and troubleshooting odd or unexpected consequences of coding.
How much time should you allocate for software testing?
The various factors are depends on software testing time duration. That include the type of software testing deemed necessary, the complexity of the software being built or upgraded and size of the development and testing team.
How much do software testing service cost?
The cost of the software testing also varies depending on the complexity of the project and the types of the testing being done. Cost may be create into the software development price or be a la cart items clients can select from. \nTalk to your potential QA testing service provider about software testing and how it impacts the overall price of your project.
What do software tester do?
Software testers conduct all the test meant to help make sure quality. A few of those test are automatic and involve running or using technical and debugging tools to find potential issues with code or other problems. \nA few are manual, which may mean actually running test case scenarios within the software to make sure function work.
Do you offer custom testing services?
We do end-to-end testing for your software applications. Our other testing services include localization testing, component testing, platform testing, database testing and integration testing.

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