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Hire Dedicated Indian Software Developers And Development Team

Uisort is an India-based software development company offering software developers/programmers for hire on an hourly, part-time or monthly basis. We are your best partner if you want to work with the best programming talent and want them to be part of your software development team. As per your project needs, hire India’s best ready-to-join software developers trained to follow quality development practices.

We can connect you with pre-checked remote Indian developers who are excellent at English speaking, whether you are a startup ready to scale or a mature company, requiring its tech expertise. You will get to work with agile tech developers under your complete control, just like your core in-house team, with uisort. We extend our project, infrastructure, complete on boarding, administrative, payroll and compliance support to empower you to fully focus on the core business.

  • Minimized cost
  • Timely delivery
  • Transparency
  • Easy team scale up and scale down

Our Different Hiring Models For Your Business

Uisort offers a dedicated team of developers for web, mobile, ecommerce, CMS and SaaS solutions.

Our offshore developers are passionate about taking your business ideas to the next level exceeding the quality benchmark.

Hourly Hiring

Duration: Flexible hours
Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Part Time Hiring

4/hours per day, 5 days/week Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Full-Time Hiring

8/hours per day, 5 days/week
Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Our Indian Developer’s
Expertise In Multiple Technologies

Uisort offers reliable software solutions in a timely manner and offers multiple advantages to enterprises,
entrepreneurs and startups. Talk to our developers to hire experts for your projects.

Hire Laravel Developers

With Uisort, Trends your online business with the latest and efficient Laravel web application development.

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Trends your online business
Yii Developers

Hire Yii Developers

We offer customer-centric, high-performance Yii development services to meet business needs.

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Hire NodeJS Developers

NodeJS is an open source platform that is widely used for real-time app development of reliable and faster apps.

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NodeJS is an open source
Hire ReactJS Developers

Hire ReactJS Developers

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library, used for creating user interface especially for single page app.

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Hire AngularJS Developers

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework. It allows you to build dynamic content using JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

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AngularJS is an open source
Reliable and scalable react

Hire React Native Developers

Reliable and scalable react native app development for both Android and iOS platforms in single code base.

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Hire Flutter Developers

Uisort has the best flutter app development team to help you experience the best application developments.

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Uisort has the best flutter
Flutter Developers

Hire DevOps Developers

With our DevOps developers, maximize efficiency through automation and cross-functional combination.

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FAQs For Hire Dedicated Developers

How much does it cost to hire an Indian developer?
It differs due to multiple factors influencing the cost like experience of the developer, size of project, engagement model, the tech stack used and others.
Why should I hire Indian developers from uisort?
Some of the reasons to work with uisort developers for your dream projects,
End-to-end development services under one roof
Flexibility and scalability on demand
Expertise in MVP app development
Flexible and affordable cooperation models
Access vetted, trained and mature Indian developers
Access to the latest technologies.
What are industries to you provide developers?
We have worked with a diverse range of industries in our tenure of over 7+ years of existence. A few industries our team of offshore developers has worked with are banking & finance, healthcare, travel & tourism, media & entertainment, retail & ecommerce, logistics & transportation. Hire developers in India today!
What are the benefits of hiring dedicated
When you hire our full-time dedicated developers, you get the following benefits;
  • Simple and streamlined workflow,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Cost-effective development,
  • Rapid response to emergencies,
  • Control over the project,
  • Access to a variety of skills,
  • Agile approach,
  • Stable development team.
How will I track the progress of my project?
To ensure the efficiency and quality of our work, we have a standard procedure of offering reports to web-based project management tools, and we can even offer customized reports according to your process.
Can you sign an NDA for my project?
Yes, we do, we are fully committed to satisfying our client’s operational needs. We trust in achieving results through the standard process of signing an NDA with each customer.
What are your hiring models? Can I hire a developer for hourly or project-based tasks?
We provide various types of flexible hiring models depending on your business requirements and budget;
  • Hourly hiring,
  • Part-time hiring,
  • Full-time hiring.
Will the hired developer work dedicated only to me?
Yes – A hire dedicated developer will work full time for you, just like any other full-time employee.

Do You Have An Idea In Mind?

To keep your project ideas confidential, we can sign an NDA document.

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