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AR & VR App Development Services

AR & VR App Development Services

Uisort is a leading Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) app development company that helps startups and entrepreneurs the raw power of augmented and virtual reality to attract users and improve their ROI.

We are using the best-of-breed tools and techniques to craft highly immersive experiences because as uisort is a top AR & VR development company. We help small, medium and large businesses in providing a virtual environment much like that of the physical world for their target users and drive best outcomes in minimal time, cost and efforts.

We have a dedicated developer team with expertise in AR & VR development and they are known for introducing the concept of agile, user-centric and computable product development in the environment. With this approach, we not only focus on delivering augmented and virtual reality experiences that pleasure your target audience base, but also advance your core business aims and make you stand out from the rest.

Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications

  • Augmenting maps and images with contextual data
  • Recognizing objects, facial features and gestures
  • Changing superposed graphic features based on sensor, gyroscope, GPS data and accelerometer

Next-Gen AR/VR App Development Solutions

The AR/VR technologies facilitate not only the training side but also the daily operations of industries that can significantly impact the development of business.

With this technology, stakeholders and staffs can greatly benefit from virtual environment by adding context, relevance and customization to every facet of business.

AR/VR Development Solutions

Benefits of Our AR/VR App Development Services

  • The true connection of the audience with published content
  • The content is tailored to correct customer’s requirements
  • Remove language barriers
  • Detailed analytics
  • Rich and immersive user experience
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Fast adaptation

Processing Flow of Our AR/VR App Development Service

01 Collecting the client-specific requirements and understanding their needs in the industry.
02 Create a wireframe AR/VR mobile application design and get approval from the clients.
03 Incase our clients like to insert their designs or ideas, we execute their ideas to our mobile app in AR/VR design processes.
04 Complete Milestone and data of AR/VR mobile application are sending to the client review.
AR/VR App Development Process
05 We are planning the app development processes step by step.
06 Final web application is ready to send the client review.
07 Once our client approves the created app submits to the server or app store.
08 After completion of your project get continuous support and maintenance.

Advantages of AR & VR in Business

  • Real-time data sharing with the right user, at the right time.
  • Enhanced and engaging method for employee instruction through AR.
  • Increasing transparency between organization and users through a vivid visual experience.
  • Preventing accidents and disruption in the manufacturing industry through accurate devised environments.
  • Virtual showrooms and interactive training through VR.
AR/VR Development Process

We Use Technology of Our AR/VR Development Services

We trust these tools and platform to create successful AR/VR apps and offer an exceptional experience to all .

  • Tilt brush
  • Libgdx
  • Google Sketch up
  • Appgamekit VR
  • Unreal engine
  • Blender.
  • Google-arcore
  • Vuforia
  • Kudan
  • Apple arkit
  • Artoolkit
  • Wikitude.

FAQ For AR/VR App Development Services

What is the difference between AR & VR?
In simple words, AR technology brings virtual features into real environments while VR takes user to an unrealistic world.
What is the best platform for building AR or VR apps?
Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 are the two best platforms to consider for VR app development. Whereas, ARcore & Vuforia are the finest platforms for building AR applications.
How does an AR app work?
AR is a digital technology that overlays text, images, video, 2D/3D graphic and animations over physical objects or printed content. To make it easy, it’s a live straight or secondary view of a real-world condition, whose features are AUGMENTED by computer-generated inputs, as mentioned above.
How to select an AR/VR development company?
The simplest way to choose the right full stack AR/VR development company for your next project is to keep a watch on factors like expertise, team size, location, client feedback, experience, communication channel, portfolio, etc.
How AR/VR app development services can benefits your business?
  • The true connection of audience with published content
  • The content tailored to correct customer’s requirements
  • Remove language barriers
  • Detailed analytics
  • Rich and immersive user experience
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Fast adaptation.
How long does it take to build an AR/VR app?
The AR/VR app development time depends on various factors like size of the project, features you require, integration, functionalities and model of application you want.
Which language is used to build AR/VR based apps?
While C and C++ are primarily used for developing AR and VR applications, C# is also used in combing with the unity engine.
How much cost to develop AR/VR apps?
The cost of the AR/VR application depends on various factors like app complexity, app features, targeted user base and other. To know the exact cost estimate, it is best to discuss your app idea with experts.
Do you offer NDA signed documents for my project?
Yes, we do. You will get a signed NDA document along with confidential letters.
How to select whether cloud-based or device-based AR for my business?
There is no rule of thumb as such. But if your application contains a larger space than usual, you need to integrate it into the cloud. The user shouldn’t be hindered by the compatible app space when it is in the device. Also, there requirement to be proper integration with cloud effectively use the app.

Do You Have An Idea In Mind?

To keep your project ideas confidential, we can sign an NDA document.

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