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Hire Yii Developers to Build Futuristic Business Web Apps

Yii is another powerful PHP framework that can be used to build custom enterprise applications and web-based development solutions for online businesses of any niche. This Yii framework can be used to develop highly scalable websites and web applications. That application can load faster and perform exceptionally well. Our Yii developers are highly-skilled with all features of the Yii framework like scaffolding, inbuilt libraries, MVC architecture, and caching, etc.

At uisort, you can hire Yii developers in india to build high-performing web apps in an agreed timeframe. We have an excellent team of developers to work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand and execute their business ideas in the way they want them to be. Our developers can transform any raw ideas into dynamic, feature-rich and modern Yii web applications. You can hire Yii developers to develop bespoke solutions with Yii frameworks that meet your business requirements, module, security and keep performance in consideration.

Hire Yii Developers

Uisort Hiring Model Vs Freelance

Process Analysis Uisort Hiring Model Freelance
On boarding time 1 day – 3days 1-5 weeks
Cost of project Reasonable Low rates
Flexible contracts Flexible contracts No flexible contracts
Project time Lowest time Longest time
Developer backing out support A dedicated team of developers Switching between projects
Project guaranteed completion Guaranteed reliable expertise No guarantee
On-project support Ongoing support and maintenance No ongoing support and maintenance
Management level Guaranteed customer centric approach Difficult to manage
Client-side work onsite Flexible for client-side work Doesn’t Apply (remote work)
Flexible contracts Flexible contracts No Flexible contracts
Project completion support Guaranteed project support after completion Depends on developer preference
Output Remote developers ensure that the output satisfies the client. Once they have completed submitting the project, you can’t expect much from them.

Yii Development Solutions to Expect From Uisort

Our dedicated Yii development teams are well-versed in the Yii framework.
Therefore, you can rely upon our developers for creating unique applications that help you boost your business and profits.


Yii Web App Development

We have dedicated Yii developers to building fully-functional and scalable web applications that improve your profit margins and streamline your business.


Yii Ecommerce Development

Our development services attract a huge number of customers and produce impactful shopping carts for e-commerce that promote regular checkout and payment.


Yii CMS Development

At uisort, we have highly skilled development teams that deliver a strong Yii framework that is highly productive and performs well in the industry.


App Integration

With the support of Yii platform development solutions, our skilled developers help you integrate Yii development services with third-party APIs.


Dedicated Yii Developer

Create scalable, feature-rich and safe online applications by extending your development power with our professional and well-experienced Yii developers.


Yii Support & Maintenance

Our developers assure that every site uses the most up-to-date yii framework capabilities to provide the client and their customers with the greatest user experience.


Yii Extension Development

We create Yii extensions that are very compatible with all versions of Yii web frameworks, to extend your web applications functionality.


Yii Migration Solutions

With the availability of unbelievable Yii migration solutions, it is very much easier to migrate between Yii platforms.


Yii-Based Product Development

Hire Yii developers from across the world who can build yii-based solutions and are experienced in custom product development for small to large enterprises.

Hire Dedicated Yii Developers

Why Choosing Yii Framework Solutions

Some of the most compelling and genuine reasons why you must select Yii for your next web projects include,

  • Quick database integration
  • Faster loading speed
  • Hassle-free customization
  • Security assurance
  • Huge community support
  • Powerful library
  • Support for multilingual features
  • Simple and clean API
  • Easy scalability
  • Easy cloud integration.

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Benefits of Our Yii For Web Development Services

  • Highly transparent framework
  • Our expert and dedicated Yii programmers
  • Customization and development solutions for the Yii PHP framework
  • Flexible hiring models and solutions at an affordable cost
  • Regular reporting schedule as per your needs and convenience
  • Responsive design based website fully dedicated to Yii
  • Latest development infrastructure environment and tools
  • Timely communication through emails and Skype
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FAQs For Hire Yii Developers

What is the use of the Yii framework?
Yii is a component-based PHP framework that is used to develop large-scale web applications and websites rapidly. Yii offers maximum reusability in web programming, which accelerates the web app development process with the help of a Yii framework development service provider.
Are there any distinct advantages of Yii?
There are many. Few of them are easy to use code structure, different kinds of widgets, cross-platform scripting prevention, cookie attack prevention and extensions, etc.
Is Laravel similar to Yii?
Just like Laravel, Yii also has DRY coding rules to write an advanced and well-structured codebase. Yii has built-in widgets that output the data rapidly with the help of Ajax support. The Yii platform is extensible and it can alter the code to create custom extensions.
Is there a way for me to select which Yii developer I want to work with?
Yes, it is correct. We really promote it in order to make sure a seamless stay and a long-term relationship.
What are the benefits of hiring dedicated Yii developers?
At a fair price, we offer our clients professional and well-trained committed developers. Our dedicated developers help in reducing development costs and time.
Do you sign NDA?
We are always ready to sign a confidential agreement with our clients to respect and protect their privacy.
How can I find Yii developers who meet my requirements?
Our developers work precisely as per the client’s requirements only. Following an analysis of the business requirements of the client by our team, we assign one developer to each of our clients to work for them.
How much does it cost to hire Yii developers?
Yii developer’s hourly rate is between $35 & $60. This may differ depending on the scope and scale of your project and its unique requirements.
Is it possible to migrate an existing PHP website into a Yii PHP application.
When you migrate legacy PHP apps you won’t have migration scripts available for the database. You can use the Yii migration generator package to create migration scripts from existing databases.
Which is better, laravel or Yii?
It depends on the requirements of the developer and their project. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. They are both excellent frameworks, integrated with PHP. Yii offers super-fast performance and higher security. On the other hand, laravel offers an expressive syntax framework.

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